Kisan Mobile Advisory Service

KVK Mokokchung is providing location specific advisory service on agri and allied activities in both local and english dialets through short messaging Service to all registered farmers, so far 350 registered farmers are availing this facility. Registration is free for all interested farmers of Mokokchung district and can be done by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sending a sms in the following numbers-9402343069/ 9615747236, 9436604002.

Tzula mol (vermi compost) yangluba inyakyim aser amshiyim

Tzüla ajanga süngolio teindoktsü agi tagitsü nüngdak lemang jenti inyaktsü sayur. Süngolio aser sorochokdang teindoktsü ajak tzüla teyari ajanga mol yanglutsü aser iba mol yagi süngdong lidong, süngjang lu aser aonsotsü lu nung teyari tulu agütsür. England aser America lima nung iba sendong ya kanga nungtoko süa inyakdar. Saka India nung nüburtem aikati junga memetetba ajanga ano kangabo mamshir. Anungji iba tezüluba ajanga asen lima tzüla mol tali tejangraba nung inyakteptsü teimla lir.

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Trichogramma amshia mesen tepsetba

Trichogramma ya asen tenük teas agi mangoba mesen ka lir. Iba mesen yagi tsük aser mo raksatsüba shiruru (pests) tem, entsü achir. Minute ka nung, tzük raksatsüba mesen entsü tapu 200 tashi den rarateter.

Iba Trichogramma ya million aika alima tasen aika nung amshir. Trichogramma ya tapu aika lir aser tsünüsenpongtsü shia palala lir. Nagaland nung, Medziphema Bio-control lab nung tzük atema tapu 2 (ana) yanglur.

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Tapioca- A Promising Livestock Feed

Tapioca (Manihot esculenta Crantz) which is also known as Cassava has its origin in Latin America where it has been grown by the indigenous Indian population for at least 4000 years. After the discovery of the Americas, European traders took the crop to Africa as a potentially useful food crop; later it was also taken to Asia to be grown as a food security crop and for the extraction of starch. 

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Süngmok (ginger) lu ayimba yimya



Süngmok ya kanga dang tongtibang tsünütsü aser chiyontsü ka lir. Iba ya mozü ama tashidak aika nung amshiteter aser chungtsü nung teronem amai kanga sapu-a amshir. Kodang asenoki North-east India nung reprangdir Meghalaya aser Mizoram state nung kanga sapua amshir.

Ginger oil, Ginger candy, ginger wine, ginger beer, ginger pickles, ginger squash, ginger flakes etc item amala tabu aika süngmok agi yanglua amshir.

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Sumomo lu ayimtsu yimya

Nagaland nung sumomo ya sungjanglijang rongnung kanga dang tongtipangsa amshir. Iba sungjang ya asen lima nung kanga dang junga adoker.

Tsüngsang mepong aser ali (climate and soil)

Sumomo ya tekong lu ayimba ama yimteter. Lenden, tenem aser wapetsa nung yimteter. Ali tapu balala nung apetter.

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Success Stories

Commercial cultivation of french bean

KVK Yisemyong French Beans cultivatorsFrench Bean is a traditional crop and the agroclimatic condition is vey suitable for its cultivation in Mokokchung district. However its cultivation is confined only for home consumption. In recent years its cultivation is gaining popularity due to its wide adaptability, fixes nitrogen, fits very well into various cropping systems and opening...