Kisan Mobile Advisory Service

KVK Mokokchung is providing location specific advisory service on agri and allied activities in both local and english dialets through short messaging Service to all registered farmers, so far 350 registered farmers are availing this facility. Registration is free for all interested farmers of Mokokchung district and can be done by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sending a sms in the following numbers-9402343069/ 9615747236, 9436604002.

Yisemyong bee farmers society

Yisemyong Bee FarmersThis is a success story on Public Private Partnership (PPP) in which each sector contributes, accomplish mutual objectives. 

Apiculture is enterprise practice by 30 farmers in Yisemyong which is one of their main secondary source of income. However they were practicing primitive methods of beekeeping and without organized group and market outlet.

Sensing its importance and potential the KVK Mokokchung approach the Nagaland Bee and Honey Mission (NBHM) to promote a collaborative project. The NBHM in collaboration with our KVK organized and imparted three days training at Yisemyong to 50 farmers on Latest Scientific Management in the field of bee keeping during 2007. 


After the training the bee farmers have formed a society comprising of 14 members and got registered through the initiative of KVK. The NBHM too come forward and tie up with the society in the form of PPP. By establishing this PPP the communication handicap is now bridged.

KVK Yisemyong Bee farmingNow each society members are keeping 20 to 50 bee hives and the honey is directly purchase by NBHM.On their part the NBHM is providing bee boxes, honey extractors equipments etc on subsidized rate and also update the farmers knowledge through trainings, exposure trips etc where KVK is taking active part. Recently the NBHM has placed an order to make 2000 nos. of bee boxes by the society @ Rs.800/ box and the members are actively engaged in making the boxes.

At present on an average each members are earning Rs.5000/- per harvesting season and the NHM is going to fulfill its objective of exporting organic honey outside the state. It is widely recognized that the productivity level of agricultural and horticultural crops has been enhanced through cross pollination in an around Yisemyong and thus provide important linkages through these farming system. 

Success Stories

Commercial cultivation of french bean

KVK Yisemyong French Beans cultivatorsFrench Bean is a traditional crop and the agroclimatic condition is vey suitable for its cultivation in Mokokchung district. However its cultivation is confined only for home consumption. In recent years its cultivation is gaining popularity due to its wide adaptability, fixes nitrogen, fits very well into various cropping systems and opening...