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The importance of book keeping and their usage for SHGS

SHGs as credit plus institutions have their own agenda, design, set of rules and regulations and have their own system of functioning. Book keeping system must be able to accommodate the needs of the future, so ensure that there is adequate space in all record books and that proper system are maintained from the beginning.


A.Admission register

The admission Register provides a status record of members of the time of joining the SHG. It is an important book since it gives base socio-economic status of the members at the time of joining the group and forms the data base on which periodic assessment can be made of the impact of SHG membership on the lives of its members.

While creating the Admission Register the following points have to be borne in mind:-

•The first page of the Admission Register should contain an index listing member’s name in order of membership and indicating the page number allotted to each person.

•Each person must be given membership numbers at the time of joining. The serial number in which a person joins an SHG also becomes his/her membership number. Membership numbers are important because in rural area many men and women have the same names. Membership number also make it easy for responsibilities to regularly rotate among the members in serial order.

•Each member should be allotted a separate set of pages in the admission register.

•When a member leaves the SHG his/her number must be kept vacant and should not be allotted to anyone as it will cause confusion. His/her page in the register must record that he/she is no longer a member and also record reasons for leaving.

B.Attendance Register

It is a record of the member’s attendance at the SHG meetings. One of the critical indicator  of a performing SHG, is the level of attendance of the members at meeting. A record of attendance is therefore of crucial importance. SHG with over 80% attendance of member at meeting on average tend to be functioning well. It is important that the SHGs have a fixed day of the week, a fixed time in a fixed place for meetings, many SHGs levy fine on member who are late or  who fail to show up for meetings without prior intimation. Another point of importance with regard to attendance is to see whether it is the same few members who are repeatedly absent. If this is so, then the reason must be discuss and appropriate corrective action can be initiated.

If the attendance Register is going to be used as management tool, the following points requires attention:-

1.It is better to allot one page in the register for each month

2.The meeting date must include the date, month and year

3.Mark “P” for present “L” for members granted leave of absence i.e. absent with prior intimation and “A” for each member who are  absent without prior intimation

4.At the end of each meeting record the total number of members present as against the total number of member in the group.

5.Make a member wise summary statement of attendance half yearly and annually e.g. Amenla=10/12 will indicate that Amenla was present for 10 

6.Meetings- out of 12 meetings held during the year, small prizes can be given for maximum attendance.

7.An analysis of the attendance register can be made once in 3-6 months to see if there are any trends and patterns that require attention.

8.Attention at meetings is an important indicator of the SHGs relevance to its members. Attendance alone can be an important determinant of whether the SHG requires to be restructure or its functioning requires to be modified.

C.Meeting minutes book

Minutes register is also called the MOTHER BOOK. This book is of primary importance to the SHG especially to establish that it is a functioning SHG. A well kept minutes book can provide information that distinguishes a performing SHG from an indifferent or a poor one.

Guidance to maintain good minutes book for SHG.

•The minutes should be recorded in a proper bound register and not on loose sheets of paper clipped together in the file. Loose sheets of paper are easily lost and they lower the credibility of an SHG.

•The register used for writing minutes has pre-marked page number in serial order.

•The serial number should be written on the very day that a new register is brought into use. This will make tracking easy and indicate the loss of books if any.

•Each meeting is serially numbered along with the date of occurrence.

•There should not be any blank spaces in the minutes book in between two pages. Blank spaces in each page has to be scored out before the minutes are signed by the members otherwise they present a potential danger that matter may be subsequently inserted and appear as if the consent of all members. This is to make sure that members who cannot read are in agreement with what is recorded.

•A new register for minutes must not be introduced while the old one still has a page or two left. If a new register has to be introduced for some reasons than the blank pages must be cancelled.

The minutes book is an indication of how seriously the SHG concept is being understood and promoted. All the major books record financial transaction after they have occurred. The minutes books record transactions both financial and non-financial- that demonstrate thoughts processes, creativity, range of vision, and sometimes the dreams and aspirations of the group. The more the number of issues discussed, the greater the thoroughness with which they are discussed, the more the attention that is given to cover these details on records, the more vibrant the groups to be believed. Thus, book keeping is important for the success and progress of SHGs.


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