Kisan Mobile Advisory Service

KVK Mokokchung is providing location specific advisory service on agri and allied activities in both local and english dialets through short messaging Service to all registered farmers, so far 350 registered farmers are availing this facility. Registration is free for all interested farmers of Mokokchung district and can be done by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or sending a sms in the following numbers-9402343069/ 9615747236, 9436604002.


Cultivation of off season cucumber

Cultivation of off season cucumberCucumber has been traditionally cultivated by Naga farmers in their jhum fields as a mixed crop during the Kharif season (April to August). It is one of the important component crops in the Jhum field and the harvest is used, mostly for household consumption and sometimes sold at the local market. Kharif crops of cucumber are harvested during rainy seasons and do not fetch a good price due to large production during the peak season. However there is high market demand of cucumber during off season but efforts were not made by the farmers to cultivate off season cucumber.

One farmer, Shri. Burremba, an innovative and progressive farmer from Aliba village (Aliba village falls under Ongpangkong (South) Block in Mokokchung) felt the need and try ‘off-season’ cucumber cultivation as the fields were left fallow after the paddy is harvested. Though he had no technical knowledge and skills, with his farming experience and traditional knowledge, tested the preserved seeds in his Jhum   field. Due to lack of technical know-how, the initial results were very discouraging. Sensing the possibility of growing the crop and its economic value the KVK intervened by imparting trainings, technical know- how etc, to many other interested farmers. The technical guidance given by the KVK staff resulted positively and this made him take up cucumber cultivation in a large scale and his ‘off-season’ crop soon hit the markets and earned him a good fortune as the produce fetched a much better income than the seasonal cucumbers. On an average he could harvest 150 Q/ha of cucumber which were earning a net profit of Rs. 2,30,000/-. Today, with his success, not only the Aliba   villagers but also farmers from the neighboring villages viz, Chungtia, Kinunger, Khensa, Mekuli and Ungma also took up ‘off-season’ cucumber cultivation.    

Today, the ‘off-season’ cucumbers from Mokokchung district have gained much popularity within the state and now it has become a trend amongst the farmers in the district. The farmer from these villages not only produces the cucumber but also act as a supplier of seeds. Farmers from other districts of Nagaland have come and visited the fields and they have been motivated to try in their respective villages. Other KVKs in the state have also taken up this novel enterprise for assessment and refinement and for further introduction to their farmers.

Success Stories

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